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Anthropology, Artistry & Agility

We create a clear path forward for our clients, with a strategy team built  from PhDs in anthropology, archaeology, and mathematics; an MBA, and an insatiable curiosity.

It infuses every step of our process. It’s our best problem-solving technique, and our clients’ competitive advantage.

We believe the best form of persuasion is still word of mouth. Every idea is founded in the ability to create its own momentum.

Identifying and solving business problems is what we do. It’s the only way to identify the right points of transformation, and create the most impactful solutions.

Working at the speed of business, culture, and that meme that blew up this morning.



Managing Director,

Campari GROUP Canada

“Angry Butterfly has been instrumental in developing our company’s vision across all our lines of business. They are working directly with me on planning our growth strategy as well as key priorities across marketing, R&D, production, and distribution. Their depth of strategic thinking and creativity are game-changers and I would highly recommend their partnership to any organization.”

Pamela Nalewajek,

VP Marketing,

Dairy Farmers of Canada

“Angry Butterfly are not only incredible partners, but important in our business and communications strategy. This includes playing critical roles in our B2C and B2B efforts. They always deliver great strategies and creative under challenging timelines, and through ever-changing circumstances. I truly value Angry Butterfly and would recommend them to anyone looking for an agency.”

Lisa Mazurkewich,

VP Marketing,

Fire & Flower Cannabis Co

“I’ve awarded this team my business twice, most recently with Fire & Flower. They've done an incredible job creating the evolved value proposition for our company and bringing it to life. They have also been instrumental in delivering strong research and data-driven recommendations to our team throughout the journey. From strategy to creative, this team has been an incredible partner.”

Our clients


The usual stuff, plus some other stuff.

Research & Strategy

  • Brand Strategy
  • Growth Planning
  • Data Analytics
  • Content Strategy
  • Customer Experience
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Communications Planning
  • Machine Learning
  • Consumer Research


  • Content Production
  • Interactive Production
  • Experiential and Event Production
  • Film and Photo Studio
  • Print Studio
  • Post-Production
  • Prototyping
  • Quality Assurance

Marketing & Advertising

  • National and Local Campaign Development
  • Social and Influencer Marketing
  • Measurement and Reporting
  • Testing and Optimization


  • Design Language Systems
  • Brand Identity and Naming
  • Experience Design
  • Responsive Web
  • Packaging

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